Spring is officially here.

For Julia Francina this means that summer is around the corner and with summer comes…SWIMWEAR season!


But before you get all excited and crank out that one piece from eons ago, understand that swimsuits fall out of style each year. What might’ve been in the top 5 fashion trends last year might not make the cut this summer.


Swimwear and more specifically women's swimwear, has evolved exceptionally quick over time. One of the main reasons for that is that depending on where you’re located around the globe, most of us have to wait a whole year to see what next summer is really about. By the time that happens, swimwear designs have already been tremendously influenced by literally everything that’s going on.


Faced with more and more interesting pieces, ranging from asymmetrical necklines, unique cut-outs, animal prints, daring bathing suits or even luxury fabrics that end up being over budget, regular bikinis or simple one pieces are not at the center of attention anymore.


But let us be honest, brands don’t make it easy on us, there are just too many to chose from and we always seem to have to compromise something.



Simply choosing a swimsuit to get it over with it isn’t what swimwear should be about.

For us, it is important to have a mixture of all these elements. Yes, this means you can have it all. With comfort being at the top of the list, we would never make you sacrifice anything. Feel the best in your skin with JF swimwear.



These 2021 swimsuit trends are giving women everywhere a run for their money,

While keeping it sexy.






1. The Seamless style:


Being comfortable should be at the top of everyone’s list when it comes to what we wear, but is it really? Yeah right! In a fictitious world maybe but in this one, reality is brutal and like the old saying would say "Beauty is pain". We’ve all worn uncomfortable dresses, shoes, or even underwear to look our best because the word comfort doesn’t necessarily reflect sexiness. But all women deserve to feel comfortable and still look hot. With our seamless swimsuits, we did just that. We provided you with exactly what you need to feel snug, yet sexy. The extra smooth fabric makes it perfect for enjoying the sunny day knowing that everything will be kept in place, if you know what I mean😉.


2. The Cut-outs:


Our swimwear cut-outs were made to give and extra glitz. Carefully design to give an edgy look and something to turn heads everywhere you go, they are made in different patterns, fabrics, and colors. These cut-outs are strategically placed to define your silhouette and enhance your natural beauty. Whether made from pastels or patterned fabrics, cut-outs are a fashion statement that command attention.


3. The Asymmetrical:


The asymmetrical design’s main goal is to draw attention to the neckline area of the swimsuit. We wanted to do something different that would give it a unique and modern look as opposed to your typical more common bathing suit. Asymmetrical necklines are perfect on bikinis or one-pieces. These necklines give swimwear an updated look that is far more flattering.



Our brand ensures to always stay up to date with new fashion trends and to provide you with nothing but the latest styles. Born trendsetters, we are dedicated to creating new and refreshing designs for the upcoming seasons.



Enjoy your spring and happy shopping!






March 24, 2021 — Liza-Marie Côté-Lachance