In this heartfelt collection, French Canadian mother and daughter duo pay tribute to their dear grandmother and mother Janine who recently passed away.  Thoughts about this incredibly special lady always come accompanied with flamboyance and eccentric vibes. She was the perfect definition of a coquette: never afraid of standing out or being in the spotlight, being unique was always her motto. A glance at her beautiful azure eyes allowed everybody to see that she was glowing inside and out. Her personality and charisma could fill up a room.

Despite having to go through some difficult times, her optimism and confidence always made her look on the brighter side. Her simplicity and positivity towards life made her appreciate all the little things, she would never miss an opportunity to get dolled up or let her inner fashionista shine. Naturally gifted, she always enjoyed sharing her sense of style with her family and loved ones. She was the greatest grandmother and mother anybody could’ve asked for.

Classy and fabulous, Janine had more than great taste in fashion, she had great attention to details, and knew exactly what to choose and how to accessorize to create the perfect look. When it came to her hair and makeup, she would spare no expense, she always looked like a million bucks. She enjoyed pampering herself.

This is what the Janine Collection is all about: A distinctive design inspired by an amazing woman and accessories that will evoke a sense of joy and confidence. Janine taught her family to be fearless and to never dull their shine. Now, it’s time for Julia Francina to share a bit of her personality with the world. As you will see, this collection literally shines with an explosion of vibrant colours and overflow of sophistication. All these bathing suits and accessories were made to represent how she should be remembered. It is truly an honour for the brand to be able to dedicate this to her. Carefully handmade in Colombia, Julia Francina not only proposes quality fabric and prints, but also comfortable designs to fit today’s lifestyle. You will certainly fall in love with these pieces and with the story behind the inspiration. When you step out in your new swimsuit, wear it with pride. And like Janine would always say ''Sassy but always classy!".

The Janine collection marks an important addition to Julia Francina’s clothing line and is certainly something to look forward to.